iStock_000024877414SmallDepression¬†is more than feeling sad. It is the experience of feeling “down” for most days for at least 2 weeks.

Symptoms of depression often include:

  1. low mood or persistent lethargy or apathy
  2. unintentional and significant weight loss or weight gain
  3. having difficulty falling asleep or sleeping too much
  4. fatigue
  5. poor concentration
  6. thoughts of death

Depression directly affects our quality of life, making it harder just to make it through a day. Having any of the symptoms listed above means you are your energy is being sapped and causing you and/or loved ones stress and pain.

First steps include talking with a professional to determine whether depression is present. Psychotherapy with Dr. Carr can help you identify whether you have depression, learn how it may be affecting you, and provide you with a therapist who will be with you as you take action to help resolve it.

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