Stress, Anxiety, Depression

Business patientStress, anxiety, depression, loss, and relationships at home and at work…they can feel overwhelming. If you are living or working in New York, odds are pretty high that you cope with a significant degree of stress on a regular basis. Most of the people who work with Dr. Carr seek her expertise because their typically effective coping strategies are not working as well as once they had. The change in effectiveness is sometimes due to challenges in professional circumstance, one’s mood fluctuations, shift in relationship status, or simply an increase in number or types of life stressors.

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” Gautama Buddha

Even the happiest and healthiest of partnerships, marriages, and families suffer when someone in the system is holding onto thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are connected to anxiety, depression, or even past trauma.

Dr. Carr combines elements of different schools of therapy to tailor treatment to each person she helps. For instance, cognitive behavioral skills, focusing on how thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are connected. Psychodynamic or interpersonal therapy skills provide a frame for helping others to better understand their roles and effects in relationship and how others may be affecting them. In addition, clinical hypnosis can be effective in providing immediate relief and relaxation as well as address issues like the desire to no longer smoke cigarettes or panic while preparing for an exam.

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